Not just hungry, sick

While not strictly about agricultural biodiversity (although much more could be made of agrobiodiversity in this realm) draws attention to an editorial in The Lancet.1 In the run up to (yet another) High Level Summit — this time on Food Security — next week, reports The Lancet’s view that:

Poor terminology adds to the problem — calling undernourished people ‘hungry’ is belittling. Even the term ‘undernourished’ can be confusing to policymakers, says the editorial.

Really? How easily confused those policymakers must be.

It adds that medicalising food — where undernutrition is the disease and food the treatment — could make ensuring food supplies a bigger priority for the global health sector.

Again, because the world has such a good record of delivering global health care to those who need it most?

Climate change gets a namecheck too, natch. And if I sound just a teeny bit cynical, maybe that’s a sickness too.

  1. Which requires free registration to read in its entirety. []

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