A rich new vein of misunderstood agricultural biodiversity


Maybe we’ve stumbled on a rich new vein of agro-biodiversity fun. Jacob’s comment about the Austrian “Swiss” cow (see photo above) shows how easy it is for marketing types to be tripped up by the fine details of their craft. ((And what a shame it is that Brown Swiss cows are more or less uniform in colour.)) Nick Saltmarsh’s example of wheat mistaken for oats is another good one, even though I can’t share the photo because it is All Rights Reserved.

So how about it? We’re happy to become the central repository for all examples of inappropriate use of agricultural imagery. Send ’em in.

5 Replies to “A rich new vein of misunderstood agricultural biodiversity”

  1. My housemate found something in the grocery store that could be thought of as inappropriate. Not so much a species problem as a nomenclature problem, though–at least I think so.


    1. I’d have to say, looking at the photo, that it does look like a male gallinaceous bird in the act of crowing, so I’m not going to post it. Other readers may disagree, but I think it is appropriate (and funny).

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