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Regular commenter Dirk Enneking suggests we rethink Nibbles:

Some sort of interaction with specific nibbles through a comment function could help your readers to turn your nibblings into a more interesting dia- or poly/multi-logue i.e. you’d get some reaction.

It’s an interesting idea. You can, of course, comment on any day’s worth of Nibbles, although I admit is isn’t obvious how. You have to go to the Nibbles Archive, by clicking on the link for All that condensed goodness in the sidebar on the right. Then you click on the Nibbles’ headline, and that brings up the complete entry with a comment form below. Cumbersome, I know, which is why we don’t get many comments on Nibbles and why Dirk’s idea is worth thinking about.

The thing is, Nibbles have been through many incarnations. To begin with, each Nibble was a separate post, which made them easy enough to comment on, but they got in the way of the main flow of longer posts. Then we moved them off into the sidebar, still as individual posts, but on a busy day older ones could easily disappear. Now we have a single post for Nibbles each day, but we still have it boxed off and separate. We could restore Nibbles to the main flow, and ensure that that post stays at the top of the content each day. Or we could rethink completely and go back to individual entries, one per Nibble.

I’m working on adding a Comment link directly to the boxed-off Nibbles, but in the meantime it would be interesting to know what you think. I’ve always thought that the place to comment on Nibbles it at the item they link to, but maybe that’s misguided. Lots of Nibbles end up on Twitter; maybe that’s the place for the conversation? Let us know, using the exceedingly simply Comment link below.

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