Photos of silk culture in Kenya

Sericulture Slideshow: Wereh’s trip to Nairobi, Kenya was created by TripAdvisor.

Wereh promoted his interesting blog The Youths and Agriculture on a network I joined, and I’m happy to point to it here. Given the popularity of all our posts on raising silkworms in Kenya (and my own fond memories of keeping silkworms as a child) I took a look at a slideshow he’d made. It did rekindle those memories, although I question its real value. Honestly, Wereh, if you’re reading this: a decent photofilm would be much more useful, I suspect. They aren’t hard to make. There are people in Nairobi who might be able to help. Of course it would take longer and be more difficult than handing all your photos to a piece of software and bunging on some loud music and titles, but it would be more satisfying and result in a product you could be really proud of and that might do some good.

I’m embedding the video here with some trepidation, even though I have removed a few of the more gratuitous links. If it clogs up the works, I’ll take it down and just leave a link.

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  1. In my childhood days I was also fond of silkworm and I had even reared wild tasar silkworm after reading from my school text book. I feel that silkworm rearing or more precisely the sericulture still has the potentiality to improve the rural economy and lives. We should seriously pursue the matter in greater interest.

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