Apologies for the downtime

I know just enough about web servers to be dangerous, as anyone who has tried to visit the site since last Saturday knows. For this, I am really sorry. I think most things are now back to normal, although there are clearly problems with the categories.1 And some things are just plain weird, still. These things take time. We’ll be thinking about the design; maybe going back to the old one, maybe trying something new. And we value your loyalty. So if there’s something not working, leave a comment here, or something.

The truly scary thing is the realisation that we are fast coming up on our 6th birthday. Perhaps everything will be working perfectly by then.

Here’s hoping.

Wow! I did it, and with a week to spare. Now just a couple of minor changes under the hood, as it were, and she’ll be good for another 5000 posts.

  1. I hate categories anyway, being a freetext search kind of person, so the whole question is moot for now. []

3 Replies to “Apologies for the downtime”

  1. You guys really had one of the best weblog design out there. I won’t say anything negative regarding the new design as content matters most, right?
    It’s only too bad the boxes on the right side are kinda hard to read.
    And what’s the deal with random generic header pictures?
    And white empty space much?
    Just a tiny bit disappointed, that’s all.
    I really had to share my thoughts.
    A fan.

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