For people who can’t read many different words


We love animals and green things and we need them for food, houses, to make sick people better, to clean the air and water, to hold down the ground, to know things and to be happy outside. For all of these things, lots of different kinds of animals and green things are better than only a few kinds. So we’re scared because the animals and green things are not safe from some of the things we do, like when we cut trees down, put bad smells in the air, take good things out of the big water and put bad things in and make the air around our rock in space get hot too fast.

Karen James wrote this, using only the thousand most common words.

Can you do better?

p.s. There’s a Tumblr for that.

2 Replies to “For people who can’t read many different words”

  1. Dear Mr. Jeremy
    You are very good Editor ,
    I think , there is no time to do ..
    A Lot of work in the day ,a lot of reading and writing at computer,
    and pray to God

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