Featured: Peaches

Mary Winfree Found our post “Churros and peaches in the Canyon de Chelly” useful:

My back yard holds a sacred place and cemetery, we found it when a neighbor tried to build a road right up to my back door and the bones came up. We brought in Cadaver dogs who revealed a whole cemetery. It was a blessing in disguise because when we went to replant the bones of my little Indian Grandmother, there were more bones from the same tribe, that needed a home. They had been buried and then disturbed by a big hiway, and no place had been found for them. Now they will join the ones in my yard. We are holding a homecoming party for them. Songs both sad and happy, a BBQ and where they are replanted they are planting peach trees – now I know what that means…

We’re glad we were able to help a little.

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