Online apple breeding

Luigi noticed an interesting proposal to set up an online apple-breeding programme. Sean Myles, Canada Research Chair in Agricultural Genetic Diversity at Dalhousie University, Halifax, says that government and industry are getting out of apple breeding because traditional methods are “too expensive and risky”. So he wants to pull together an alternative. The idea isn’t fully fleshed out yet, and that’s the point, because this is just one idea that will be pitched during a “48 hour idea lab” to refresh the food scene in the Annapolis valley in Nova Scotia, Canada.

It takes place in 10 days time — 17-19 January — and sounds very cool indeed. Given the preponderance of new media types who will be attending, I’m sure there will be no shortage of online reporting. But if anyone there wants to do us a write up, that would be welcome.

As welcome as a decent downloadable apple.

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