Agriculture Action Day, it says here…

And FAO is all over it:

The impacts of climate change on food systems are a fundamental threat to humankind. Climate change disproportionately affects smallholder and family farmers, pastoralist, fishing and forest communities, who provide the bulk of our planet’s food. At the same time, agriculture contributes almost a quarter of the total anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. The event will highlight successful actions that contribute to agriculture-based solutions for addressing climate change in livestock, traditional agriculture systems, water, soil, food loss and waste, and integrated landscape management, and also includes sessions on climate data and Climate-Smart Agriculture. The sessions will feature successful interventions to ensure implementation and link the 2018 Facilitative Dialogue with the longer-term goals of the Paris Agreement. Young farmers will follow the event and present their impressions of the proposed agriculture-based climate solutions during the opening and closing plenaries.

With a bit of luck, the events on climate-smart agriculture and on Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, at least, will feature the role of agricultural biodiversity. But who can tell.

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