Genetic diversity to get its place in the sun?

Great to see young guns Sean Hoban and Colin Khoury being interviewed by Emily Henderson on why genetic diversity is important and therefore why — and how — we should save it.

Their latest paper came out last month:

Hoban et al. (2021) Global commitments to conserving genetic diversity are now necessary and feasible. Bioscience doi: 10.1093/biosci/biab054.

The bottom line?

There must be a CBD post-2020 framework with a clear, measurable, and numerical genetic diversity goal, of the same standing as species and ecosystems, as well as associated action targets…; inclusion and implementation of practical genetic diversity indicators in the CBD and other global biodiversity commitments (e.g., IPBES, SDG); and increased establishment and scaling up of genetic monitoring programs, with those actors having sufficient resources assisting others.


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