Nibbles: Conservation & food, Mauritia, Garcinia, Harvest for Health

  1. Prof. Bhaskar Vira on why we should look beyond the staples, and even beyond agriculture, for sustainable food and nutrition security.
  2. He means things like burití I guess.
  3. And achacha, a plantation of which you can now visit in Australia, of all places.
  4. And anything else that is a “potential as sources of functional and nutritious ingredients that could replace, complement or aid in reformulating the existing food products or developing new ones”? Well, maybe…

Brainfood: Kungas, Tomato domestication, Wild honeybees, Association mapping, Mixtures, Wild edible plants, DSI ABS, Fusarium wilt, Mango weeds, Conservation payments

Brainfood: Spatial data, Extinction risk, Improved lentils, Lentil collection, Ohia germination, Shea genomics, Wild olive, Cacao climate refugia, Cacao sacred groves, Italian winter squash, Nigerian yams, Bambara groundnut diversity

Brainfood: Aspen mapping, Biodiversity & ag, Mining forages, China forages, China groundnuts, Soil microbes, Agroecology messaging, Old wood, Ugandan sorghum, New wild sweetpotato, Tasty fruits