Brainfood: Red Listing, Name checking, Diversification, New breeding, Seed data, Tea genome, Sampling strategies, Plum diversity, Fruit taste, Enset seeds, Maize & nutrition, Emilian grapes

Nibbles: Altitude coffee, Coffee audio, Grape breeding, Borlaug, Hunan genebank, Game of Thrones genetics

  • Growing coffee at 2400m could be the new normal.
  • A history of coffee rust, thanks to Prof. Stuart McCook and WCR. Not much of a problem at 2400m.
  • Oh and here’s a podcast on the history of coffee, an interview with the author of Coffeeland: “drinking coffee is a symptom of working for other people.” Lot of that lately: In Our Time, Eat This Podcast.
  • Breeding grapes the smart way. That just seems to mean have access to a germplasm collection and choose your parents carefully.
  • Which is what Borlaug did. Ok, plus he was lucky.
  • Hunan gets a genebank. Prosperity ensues.
  • Could there have been a Green Revolution in Westeros? With that genetics?

Brainfood: Community seedbanks, Habitat conservation, Maize breeding, NWFP, Neolithic dairy, Straw, Double burden, Species protection, Salty rice, Barley landraces, Scicomm