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Working to understand and conserve genetic diversity

Just catching up on a couple of useful resources.

The Genetics Composition working group [of the Group on Earth Observations’s Biodiversity Observation Network] aims to develop, test and improve approaches for assessing and interpreting genetic diversity.

You can join it here. And thus contribute to the Genetic diversity targets and indicators proposed for the CBD post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. About which you can read more on the work blog, as it happens. The working group seems to have some overlap with the Conservation Genetic Coalition, which came out with its formal “Statement on genetic diversity in CBD” just before Christmas.

Meanwhile, over at USDA, there are posters on crop diversity and genebanks in multiple languages.

Gotta wonder whether any of this will reach the policy-makers, but one can hope, can’t one?

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  1. How committed are 350 food companies to food system transformation? Well, take a wild guess…
  2. Mind you, transformation is tricky.
  3. A climate-smart seed system for Kenya? Would be transformative for sure.
  4. Great that WFP got the Nobel Peace Prize, but they’re only part of the food system picture.
  5. Another part is genebanks, as China recognizes.
  6. One way to use all that material in genebanks is through evolutionary plant breeding.
  7. Citrus: How it started. How it’s going. Meme alert.
  8. Maize was taken back to Mexico from South America in ancient times. And those early farmers really knew how to process it for maximum benefit, something we’re forgetting.
  9. A deep dive into lotus silk.
  10. An even deeper dive into Azolla-covered paddies.
  11. Esteban Hernández of the Andalusian genebank gets his 15 minutes.

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