Housekeeping help needed

A couple of people have reported problems with the comment system here. As it happens, both had Hotmail accounts, and messages from Hotmail were being bounced. I have no way of knowing whether this is a problem with the blog software or with Hotmail itself (and I am not about to sign up for Hotmail just to see). So, if you have a Hotmail account — or any insight into the problem — could you please try and share that information by leaving a comment to this post?

If that doesn’t work for you, please use to Contact Us link about to tell us what happened.


The Management

p.s. Later … I wonder if it is anything to do with this hacker attack yesterday?

Welcome Bankers

A warm but somewhat belated welcome to everyone visiting from Tangled Bank 72, so ably hosted by Ouroboros, and the other blogs that have linked to us this week. We’d have put the mat out earlier, but my esteemed colleague Luigi, who wrote the article on new software approaches to taxonomy and identification, is traveling and temporarily out of reach. (I have no excuse, other than the demands of paying work.)

Anyway, aside from kicking around and seeing if there’s anything here that attracts your fancy, we’d also like to enlist your help. If you come across any trifles that relate to our obsession with agricultural biology, please toss them our way. We look, but we can’t find everything, or even a small part of everything. There’s a contact form, or you can simply comment on any item. One of us is generally keeping an eye on them.


Season’s greetings from the Kenya highlands

Ok, it looks like I’m online again. Took a bit of doing, but a Kenyan internet provider called Wananchi has an interesting wireless solution based on one of the local mobile networks. I’m writing this from our apartment in Nairobi, but I hope to post next week from my mother-in-law’s tea farm, and include some photographs of the local agriculture.


Tidying up a bit round here.

  • Links are now sub-divided into Individuals and Organisations; makes sense to us. Let us know about others you think we should include.
  • There’s a category called Articles, with a page of its own, for longer pieces that we intend to provoke thought. Respond, if you like.
  • Speaking of which, you no longer have to register to comment, although it would still be nice if you did. We think our anti-spam defences are reasonably secure, although we’ll be keeping an eye out for unwarranted penetration.

That’s it. Have a good week.