Food Forever opportunity

The Crop Trust, as a provider of the Food Forever Initiative’s secretariat function, is seeking a Campaign Manager to coordinate the Initiative’s activities aimed at driving the changes needed to make our food systems more sustainable and prosperous. This multi-stakeholder effort is focused on raising awareness for the importance of protecting agricultural biodiversity worldwide, and build support for SDG Target 2.5.

Do you have what it takes or know someone who does? Share the Food Forever vacancy announcement with those who might be qualified and interested! The deadline to submit applications is 8 June 2018.

Sketching crop wild relatives

So apparently there’s a Journal of Sketching Science, which is…

…designed to mimic elements of conventional science journals while also adopting more innovative science communication approaches. Our aim is to to communicate complex and important scientific topics in a visually attractive, yet rigorous, way to the public.

Check out their cool take on crop wild relatives, with illustrations by Ernesto Llamas.