Water buffaloes in Azerbaijan

Water buffaloes by luigig
Water buffaloes, a photo by luigig on Flickr.

I have no doubt there are water buffaloes in Azerbaijan, though it did come as something of a surprise. I saw them and ate delicious cheese, butter and yoghurt made from their milk last week during my visit to the national genebank there. And there is stuff on the internet about them. But, frustratingly, no production data in FAOSTAT, though there are some head numbers from 1992 onwards. Nor is there any breed information at DAD-IS, though my hosts told me there was an active improvement programme involving crossing of the local breed with stock from other countries during Soviet times. Apparently, on independence the breeding farms were broken up and the animals were given out to the workers in lieu of wages. They seem to be doing just fine.

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  1. They were crossed with Murrah in Soviet times, just like in the Ukraine and Bulgaria. I’m just preparing a report on Buffalo in SE Europe and we’ve been looking at the situation in Georgia too. I’d like to include some detail from Azerbaijan if possible — can I use your photos?

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