Climate change in Italy?

by Jeremy Cherfas on September 17, 2011

A routine trip to the local plant nursery — and a very good nursery it is too — was enlivened by some fairly manky-looking small trees. They seemed quite out of place among the bedding plants and tender annuals, so off I went to investigate. And, boy! was I surprised. Macadamia, Haas Avocado, Litchi, Cherimoya, Guayabay (Guava, but not sure whether it is Psidium or one of the others.) and two kinds of Mango, Kent and Osteen. Now, I know it has been hot here, but will any of these fruit reliably in Italy? Osteen is apparently grown commercially in Spain, but what about the others?

Anyway, I only had my mobile phone with me, but here are some pictures.

Ratty-looking row of trees.

Young mango leaves; rather pretty, really.

Mango tree label

A label, if proof were needed.

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