Ugandan discussions on chickens

Announcement for the kuroiler chicken conference.
I could have sworn that we’d done more on the kuroiler chicken than the one Nibble that was, in the end, all I could find in our archives. But it is all too likely that, as Jeremy suggested, we talked about it at length and eruditely among ourselves, and then did nothing. It certainly sounds like us. Anyway, the announcement of a conference on said chicken is a welcome opportunity to set things right. And to register our standard hope that in the rush to bring in shiny new diversity, the rusty old diversity is not altogether forgotten.

7 Replies to “Ugandan discussions on chickens”

  1. I would like to appreciate your efforts but the challenge is that if you could spread these kuroilers to the whole country it would be better i.e under NAADS farmers would appreciate because most them prefer local chicken to the broilers and layers therefore these kruoilers would help them so much

  2. I am a student of agribusiness in NKUMBA UNIVERSITY ENTEBBE I thank you very much for the support you give to us we UGANDANS long live the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE GOD bless you.
    my question is How will the local people come to know such a good thing and how will they access them (kuroiler chicken)

  3. Glory be to God.

    I want to launch myself into the business what basically do i need to start with if i need to begin with 100 chicks for selling?

    Where is the market?

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