Geographically confused

by Luigi Guarino on November 23, 2012

Some confusing signals from the GIS folks of the CGIAR. We hear that the team behind the CGIAR Research Programme on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB) met recently to discuss the geographic targeting of their interventions. The payoff is in the mail: “…the team is creating an online digital atlas on everything related to RTB crop development.” Promises to be very useful. But is that the same atlas that was announced at more or less the same time to separate fanfare? Certainly some of the same people are involved, but that’s not always a guide. I did play around with the IBP Generation Atlas for half an hour or so and I have to say I’m profoundly unimpressed so far. Sharing doesn’t really work. You can’t import your own data in any way that I can see. And I couldn’t get a number of the maps in the menu to load, for example the crop distribution one. But no doubt it’s all at the very forefront of GIS technology. So I’ll reserve definitive judgement until I’ve had a proper chance to test it. But don’t let me stop you jumping in. It could just be me.

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