Too hot to think

Synchronicity.png It is hot in Rome at the moment, and hotter still at my desk. In fact, my computer gave up the ghost on Friday and had to have a brain transplant. All back to normal, for now, but not a lot to report, apart from trying to maintain a steady stream of Nibbles. A couple that didn’t fit there. First, the picture: an undoctored image of two consecutive items from my Twitter stream that just happened to take my fancy. Secondly, a trial of pickling cucumber varieties that didn’t even mention asier (about which I too knew nothing until 4 days ago). That post is about a year old, but someone else linked to it in the past couple of days. And, if you’re thinking of something to do with excess cucumbers, and you fancy a touch of the exotic, how about creating a pressure-infused cucumber martini? Sounds like a blast. Cheers!

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