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  1. contact details out of date for you erna. dearly hoping you are well. watched your talk on you tube. so sad that I have missed out on all that erudition, insight and humour. a lifetime has passed now. You looked really well. extraordinary to think that it is half a century since I set eyes on you. I’m still in belfast. It would be lovely to hear from you. wishing you all the very best.

    1. Hello Erna. I am a friend of Michael Bennett. It would be so
      nice if u could find it in your heart to contact him.
      Thank you in advance.
      Yours sincerely,
      Marion Lyons.

  2. Michael, I came to the you tube items about Erna you mention late also but have very much enjoyed listening to them. I have managed to find a few other interesting items on Erna that you might be interested in. So if you pass this way again please let me know and we can link up. Although I am currently based in Rome I pass through Belfast often, on my way home to Cookstown.

  3. u may well not see this as it seems u havent seen above or care not to comment. however this is in nature of an emergency of sorts + I have no other contact details. nuala is currently stranded at rome airport + has been there for some days. as she is now wheelchair bound, this is a difficult situation for her. she wd very much apprec iate a call if only for advice. her mobile number is (u’ll need to change code obviously) 0353876559501

  4. Dear Erna Bennett,

    My name is Nicoletta Fagiolo and I am an Italian filmmaker based in Paris, France. I am currently writing a film on the life of Nikolai Vavilov and today’s Slow Food movement. I am reading Scientists, Plants and Politics by Robin Pistorius and admire your vision at the FAO conferences at the time!

    I believe your approach, if I may say, was more Vavilovian than what then won the day due to major funding priorities. I however think the genecological approach is now gaining some ground again.

    I wanted to discuss some of these issues with you and would like to interview you for the film and am looking for your contacts. My e mail is nicolettafagiolo@yahoo.co.uk. telephone number 0033-(0)627350717 or fixed phone line 0033-0148870475.

    I thank you for your attention and look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Yours sincerely, Nicoletta Fagiolo

  5. Dear Erna

    I have just been watching a TV programme about women pilots delivering planes during the war, which made me think of you. I did a search on your name and quite a lot came up and from the content I could tell it was the Erna Bennett I knew in London and Thorpe Arch in the library. A lot has happened since and I can tell from the notes on you how important your life has been in research. I would love to hear from you if you can, if this is not possible I have often thought of you in the past. I am retired and living in Harrogate. Mary Dalton

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