Mini cows threaten to oust pocket pigs

We hate to come over all smug, but when the mainstream media pick up on a story almost a year after we first brought it to your attention, it’s hard not to. Such is the case with The Guardian’s recent discovery of the environmental and eating delights of mini cows. Our post more than a year ago featured a discussion on minicows on DAD-Net1 which, among other things, objected to the word “miniature” because it is misleading. The Guardian has the latest on minicow taxonomy:

Micromini cattle are less than 96.5 cm tall (at the shoulder, presumably, ed.) — those shorter than 92 cm are known as “teacup cattle”.

The major outstanding question now is whether teacup cows will prove to be cuter or more adorable than pocket pigs, our number one search term. Personally, I doubt it.

  1. Which is in the news again for us. []

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  1. “pocket pigs, our number one search term.”

    I LOL’d and then I was a bit depressed that this is what interest most people more than the many many other cool posts! At the very other end of the scale has there been any more news on what this “Stichting Taurus” project will actually do? It sounds like Heck mk II but with genetic testing as opposed to GM?

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