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  1. The five men being interviewed (at a press conference) are members of an expert scientific commission that was appointed by the Russian Government Department of Economic Development to examine and report on the living collections at the Pavlovsk Experimental Station. They are all scientists/academics. They conducted a 1 day site visit and submitted a report that concluded that:

    1) The station holds extremely valuable (from scientific, agronomic, and historical perspective) living collections particularly the stone fruits (which was assembled beginning 80-85 years ago by the Vavilov Institute) and currants (which is a younger collection).

    2) Some of these collections (particularly the stone fruit) are in very bad condition (old trees at risk of death) and need urgently to be renewed (re-grafted, re-propagated); others (e.g. the currants) are relatively well-maintained. The brambles are overgrown by grasses.

    3) The collection has not been well-documented or well-maintained. They recommend a change of management/administration at the Pavlovsk Experiment Station, and additional resources made available for maintenance and repropagation of the collection.

    4) They recommend that the station be maintained. The 13 hectares where the fruit collections are currently planted must be maintained, an additional 20 hectares are needed to renew and re-propagate the collection while maintaining the original plantings. Additional areas that do not hold collections (e.g. a wetland) or are currently planted with field crops (grains or potatoes) are identified as unnecessary to protect and may be developed.

    5) The commission recommends against moving the fruit collection, considered too risky (too great a risk of loss of accessions).

    Commission members:
    in Moscow

    Vadim Pavlov
    Biological Faculty
    Professor in Dept. of Geobotany
    Moscow Government University Emil Lamonosov

    Alexander Timonin
    Dept. of Botanical Science
    Moscow Government University Emil Lamonosov

    Vladimir Murashov
    Biology Faculty
    Dept. of Plant Development
    Moscow Government University Emil Lamonosov

    in St. Petersburg

    Dr. Vassily Irnishko
    Botanical Institute Iminika Kamarova

    Dr. Rudolf Kamelin
    Russian Botanical Society

    (Based on listening 1st 34 minutes.)

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