Dams, lying links, and databases

A post on e-agriculture about information resources related to water in agriculture allows me to update, on the occasion of World Water Day, a piece we had here some years back. The links in that old post of ours no longer point to the things they used to, but if readers are still interested in that African dams database they can now find it elsewhere. Alas, I couldn’t get the Google Earth file to work, but if you do the work-around from the Excel file you get the map below. I’ll reiterate my original questions, to which I have no better answer now than four years ago, alas:

I would guess that the effect of dams and new irrigation schemes on local wild biodiversity is usually negative, but is that necessarily always the case also for agro-biodiversity? I suspect so, but is there a possibility that at least sometimes existing crop genetic diversity is simply displaced a bit geographically or ecologically within the same general area and augmented by new crop genetic diversity adapted to the new conditions?

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