A tale of three cucumbers

You may remember my post of a few days back about the request on IdeaConnection for cucumber germplasm resistant to nematodes, Fusarium, CGMMV, downy mildew and cold, for a finder’s fee of $2,000. I did a few genebank database searches and didn’t get very far at the time, but a comment from the curator of the cucumber collection at CGN sent me back to their website because I had missed this crucial bit:

Searches can be made based on passport data and characterization / evaluation data or both. Only a selection of traits is on-line searchable, however all data are downloadable.

It turns out that the downloadable evaluation data for cucumber includes 3 experiments on downy mildew and one on Cucumber Green Mottle Mosaic Virus (CGMMV). So I got the Excel files and cross-searched them for material resistant to both diseases. The result is three accessions: CGN19618 (Taiwan), CGN21584 (India) and CGN22272 (Japan). The first two even have georeferences. The Japanese accession doesn’t, alas, but that would be my choice of the three for cold-hardiness. It’s a pickle obtained from the Know You Seed1 seed company. That’s three out of the five traits. I think that’s worth at least a thousand bucks, don’t you?

  1. The company is Taiwanese, but the passport data for the accession says “probably from Japan.” And the source is given as “Know You Seed, Japan.” Maybe the Japanese subsidiary? []

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