Trees of Life: The book of the movie

Prof. Roger Leakey’s book, Living with the Trees of Life: Towards the Transformation of Tropical Agriculture, the publication of which we trailed way back in January, is now officially out. You can get it from the CABI Bookshop. I know I will. Here’s how Prof. Leakey describes the rationale for the book in the media release:

We need a fresh approach both to food production and the use of natural resources if we are to avoid the emerging food crises expected to impact every country in the world by the middle of this century. We need to rehabilitate degraded land, diversify farming systems and protect watersheds… Few people realize the vast untapped wealth of the genetic variation that is present in trees. The development of tree crops can create local business opportunities and employment. In some cases there is the potential to support a whole range of new industries – this time however, poor people in developing countries must benefit.

Interestingly, Faidherbia albida, a photo of which graces the ICRAF post on the book, seems not to be one of Prof. Leakey’s Trees of Life.1 Not sure if cashew is, but Kew’s Wolfgang Stuppy certainly seems to have a thing for it.

  1. And neither, probably, are the ones illustrated here, but anyway. []

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