CIMMYT genebank ISO certified at last

The CIMMYT Maize and Wheat Germplasm Bank achieved ISO9001:2008 certification this week, after nearly two years of data gathering, intensive analysis, and assessment of processes and best practices. The ISO standards relate to quality management systems and are designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders, while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements. The CIMMYT Maize and Wheat Germplasm Bank is the first CGIAR germplasm bank to achieve ISO9001 certification, and is now one of only three genebanks globally to achieve certification (and the first outside of Europe). CIMMYT staff and areas involved in this certification included both the germplasm banks, human resources, purchasing, risk management, security, maintenance, and ICT departments. A special thanks is extended to Bibiana Espinosa and Paulina Gonzalez, both of whom sheparded the lengthy process to this noteworthy conclusion.

That’s from CIMMYT’s Informa newsletter, No. 1823, dated 23 November-7 December 2012. I got it as a pdf but have not been able to find it online. Maybe someone at CIMMYT can help me out. Anyway, congratulations to everyone at the genebank. Meanwhile, if you have strong ideas about ISO for genebanks, either way, you can leave them here.

LATER: And here is the online announcement.

3 Replies to “CIMMYT genebank ISO certified at last”

  1. It is not easy to be certified by the ISO. Some companies have even endured the process for 3 or more years. But the end result is so good that it can really benefit the company big time.

  2. The certification process is indeed very rigorous and intensive that it takes a lot of time to finish. It doesn’t matter thought because the certification guarantees the company that they will be smoother in their operations by the time they pass the certification.

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