EucarpiaGR2017: better late than never

Oh gosh, I forgot to give the obligatory shout-out to the EUCARPIA meeting, this year on “Mobilizing the green gold of plant genetic resources.” Silly me. Follow what’s left on #eucarpiaGR2017, there’s some really interesting stuff on.

LATER: Oh, and compare and contrast with this:

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  1. The latest tweet from this notes: “Riccardo Bocci claims for a strong wording change: from conservation to common dynamic management of pgr.” This takes me back a bit – to the 1993 Trondheim Conference, where Jill and I presented a paper on “The dynamic management of domesticate biodiversity by farming communities.” Promoted twenty-four years ago and it’s still a fringe topic (Bocci is from the Rete Semi Rurali, Italy).

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