Webinar on plant conservation planning

On 24 July, three experts from the IUCN’s Conservation Planning Specialist Group will:

  • Give an overview of plant conservation planning
  • Describe the steps in national conservation planning
  • Elaborate on how planners, conservationists, and stakeholders should work together
  • Highlight the importance of linking conservation to human use
  • Summarize the content of conservation strategies and action plans
  • Explain how levels of conservation planning from local to international should interconnect

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One Reply to “Webinar on plant conservation planning”

  1. The three presenters seem to be Crop Wild Relative specialists. I hope they highlight just how much of a disaster the ITPGRFA has turned out to be – not least for present and future access to CWRs.

    They are certainly not going to be able to give a balanced view of general plant conservation strategy for about 360,000 (and counting) species of flowering plants.

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