All maize, all the time

Thanks to Jay Bost for alerting us to a whole bunch of forthcoming maize talks. The first is by Dr Helen Anne Curry today, who will use her book…

Endangered Maize, to discuss the history of efforts to conserve crop diversity from the turn of the twentieth century until today. Focusing especially on the case of maize, she will highlight the stories about agricultural change that have motivated scientists and states to save threatened varieties—and raise questions about the agendas ultimately served by these stories.

The others start next month:

The National Agricultural Library is hosting a three-part webinar series that will highlight global food staples and the intersections of global cuisines with USDA research, social sciences, and history. The series will focus on maize and corn and its past, present, and future role in food, culture, and society. Key areas of focus for the series will be sustainability, environmental justice, social justice, and nutrition security.

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