How to get training in crop diversity conservation

Every once in a while I get the urge to remind everyone where they can get information on training courses in crop diversity conservation, and indeed training materials.

So, anyway, of course there’s the Plant Treaty. A couple of online courses are available, on the Treaty itself and on Farmers’ Rights.

Then there’s USDA’s GRIN-U. Great range of topics, materials and formats.

The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership at Kew Gardens also has a bunch of training opportunities.

And finally there’s BGCI’s Online Training Platform. You need to register for the online courses but it’s worth it.

It’s kind of crazy that there isn’t a more formal place than a random blog post where different organizations can share opportunities and direct people to the right training for them, but there we are.

LATER: Oh gosh, how could I forget CGN’s courses? And indeed other offers from Wageningen, such as this on seed systems.

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