How to get training in crop diversity conservation redux

Every once in a while I get the urge to remind everyone where they can get information on training courses in crop diversity conservation, and indeed training materials.

So, anyway, of course there’s the Plant Treaty. A couple of online courses are available, on the Treaty itself and on Farmers’ Rights.

Then there’s USDA’s GRIN-U. Great range of topics, materials and formats.

The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership at Kew Gardens also has a bunch of training opportunities.

And finally there’s BGCI’s Online Training Platform. You need to register for the online courses but it’s worth it.

It’s kind of crazy that there isn’t a more formal place than a random blog post where different organizations can share opportunities and direct people to the right training for them, but there we are.

LATER: Oh gosh, how could I forget CGN’s courses? And indeed other offers from Wageningen, such as this on seed systems.

EVEN LATER: There’s also the Applied Plant Conservation Course from the Center for Plant Conservation.

AND FINALLY… the MS in Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Management from the Crop Breeding and Genetic Resources Laboratory, Institute of Crop Science, College of Agriculture and Food Science, University of the Philippines, Los BaƱos.

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