Livestock biodiversity and conservation gets a global view

Animal Genetics has a Special Issue on “A Global View of Livestock Biodiversity and Conservation,” coordinated by Paolo Ajmone-Marsan and Licia Colli. It includes a review of genetic diversity in farm animals, and an assessment of what climate change means for the characterization, breeding and conservation of livestock. It’s all because of a 3-year EU project called GLOBALDIV.

It is formed by a core group of partners who participated in past EU or continental scale projects on Farm Animal Genetic Resources characterization and conservation. It also involves a much larger number of experts that are actively contributing to the success of the initiative. The project aims at improving the conservation, characterisation, collection and utilisation of genetic resources in agriculture in EU and beyond, complementing and promoting work undertaken in the Member States at the Community level and facilitating co-ordination of international undertakings on genetic resources in agriculture.

As one of the more info-savvy CG Centres, ILRI will no doubt have comments and analysis online very soon.

I got the news via Twitter.

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