Markets in everything, food security edition

I know, I know, there’s been much more talk about market failure in the past couple of years than about market success. Case in point: a clever interactive map has been done showing you where markets have been bad for biodiversity, but not one showing where they’ve been good.

But all that negativity hasn’t stopped Dougal Thomson just launching a discussion on what the private sector can do for food security. It’s all to get you interested in The Economist’s Feeding the World conferences later this year of course. And to put you in an appropriately market-friendly mood for Rio +20 next week too, I suppose.

Anyway, here’s where, recession or no recession, you can channel your inner capitalist and tell the world how to “…reconcile a multinational’s need for profit with a smallholder’s need for income, a mother’s need to feed her baby and a nation’s need for food security.”

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