Vintage plant genetic resources videos

I’m pretty sure we have blogged in the past about “A Neglected Heritage,” a documentary film about plant genetic resources produced by Ulf Gyllensten in 1984 for the International Board for Plant Genetic Resources (now Bioversity International) in cooperation with the Nordic Gene Bank. But, alas, I can find no evidence of that. Anyway, you can see it, and other NordGen videos, on a channel curated by Dag Endresen.

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  1. Yes, I also found these old videos really fascinating. Roland von Bothmer knows Ulf Gyllensten and made some further steps concerning these videos after we digitized them in 2010. I believe that Ulf is a professor of genetics in Uppsala these days.

  2. For some further background, I found the some further information and the written script for the movie in the NGB/NordGen correspondence archive. Ulf Gyllensten made these first documentary movies in 1984 together with the director of the NGB at the time, Ebbe Kjellqvist. In 1990 there are records in the correspondence archive about another movie Ulf made together with Stig Blixt (the next director at NGB) with the title: “Livets byggestener” (The building blocks of life), but we did not locate any copy of this later documentary movie.

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