Genebank opportunity in the UK

The John Innes Centre has an exciting manager vacancy for its Germplasm Resource Unit (GRU). This facility houses materials essential for the injection of new genetic diversity into crop breeding programmes and the identification of genes controlling key traits.

Interested? You can find out more about the genebank on the JIC website. The data in WIEWS is a little bit out of date, but it gives an overview that’s difficult to get from the genebank’s webpage. The overview page on Genesys has more up-to-date information, but it seems only for wheat, barley and pea.

Anyway, I suppose this means that our friend Mike Ambrose, currently the genebank manager, is retiring. We’ll miss you, Mike.

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  1. Whoever gets the position will have big shoes to fill :).
    Just to add to the post, there’s also a position as a “Derived Germplasm Specialist”. Links to the adverts.

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