Oil palms and diversity

It is an article of faith that intensive monocultures of genetically uniform plants are bad for biodiversity, wild and agricultural. So news that Malaysia is putting some money into a “Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund to promote ideas and proposals to enhance biodiversity linked to palm oil production worldwide” is welcome. The fund will seek to promote sustainable practices and to make more use of the production of palm oil plantations, in addition to boosting biodiversity in and around plantations. There’s also talk of using palm oil to produce biofuels, a hot topic at the CGIAR Annual General Meeting.

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  1. Every amount of money is welcome to help preserve or save worlds biodiverssity.
    What troubles me is the lack strenght by the Goverments to chose for pure biodiversitty protection, and not allowing multinationals to give seed money while they are totaly focust on the maximaxing their finalcial and economic position . Suriname we also have a Palm oil plantation.This has caused lots of problems with the surrounding marroon communities who live from the land.
    What I say is that the funds they give isn’t comparable to the profits and loss of biodiverty in total.


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