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Stop press: Google bought Gapminder yesterday. Thanks Patchwork Planet. Still no sign of any good Ag data though.

Google has started hosting Gapminder, a wonderful tool for visualizing development data developed by a Swedish NGO. Here’s an example of what you can do with it. Worth playing around with. But to see a master at work, check this out. There are only a few variables at the moment, but wouldn’t it be great if one day the data in FAOSTAT were to be added? Anyone want to volunteer to do the mash-up?

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  1. You’re welcome.

    small correction: Google bought Gapminder’s software.
    I was a little quick in the update of my post.

    Gapminder is the name of the sweedish NGO.

    The software acquired by google is called Trendalyzer (cool name ;-)

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