SINGER’s new tune

After my intemperate comment about SINGER the other day, I’m very happy to pass on the news that the new SINGER website is now online at According to the announcement made by Bioversity International, the new SINGER has the following features:

  • GIS maps using Google technology.
  • Users are able to search accessions using Google Maps.
  • Presentation of data in a cumulative format to help users do statistical analysis.
  • Improved presentation of distribution data including across genus and species.
  • Improved navigation and searching capabilities.
  • Free text search.
  • Links to the external databases hosted by partners to provide additional information about accessions. Example: IRRI. Click on the “IRRI Link” under links on this page to view the information.
  • Users are able to view the available pedigree information on the site. Example: IRRI, WARDA, CIP. Please look for the “Pedigree” field under passport information.
  • Users are able to view the availability of an accession before requesting germplasm. The “Availability” field has been added under passport information.
  • Users are able to view if the accession has been placed under long term storage in Svalbard. The “Svalbard” field has been added. Example: WARDA. Please look for the “Safety-duplicate in Svalbard” field under passport information.
  • Users are able to save the search history while they are navigating the site.
  • Users are able to download data in the “xml” and “csv” formats.
  • The shopping cart system has been incorporated – work is still in progress to incorporate the complete shopping cart for an ordering system.

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