Daniel Debouck honoured

Daniel Debouck, a world expert on Phaseolus and the manager of CIAT’s genebank,1 is to be awarded the Frank N. Meyer Medal for Plant Genetic Resources. This is well-deserved recognition of three decades of painstaking work on the conservation and use of agrobiodiversity. Daniel’s latest paper in on Lima beans.

Daniel Debouck, CIAT's genebank manager and proud recipient of the Meyer Medal. Pic by Neil Palmer (CIAT). http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciat/4904981253/
  1. Which didn’t make this list yesterday, but should have. []

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  1. Dear Daniel,

    Congratualtions with this well deserved recognition of your work on Phaseolus beans! I hope that this recognition will encourage the PGRFA community and its germplasm workers to further strengthen its efforts to safeguard these precious resources and keep them available for their use by farmers, breeders and other researchers!

    We are proud of you!


  2. Who worked with Daniel in some collecting missions is very proud of this recognition. This is good to know that this important recognition goes to people who has devoted most of his life to the Genetic Resources for Food.

    Cheers Daniel!!!

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