Quality standards for in situ agrobiodiversity conservation published

This just in from Dr Jose Iriondo of the Depto. Biologia y Geologia, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain. Do provide your input if you can.

One of the deliverables of the AEGRO project (AGRI GENRES 057),1 funded by the European Commission, DG AGRI within the framework of Council Regulation 870/2004, is the formulation of quality standards for genetic reserve conservation of crop wild relatives (CWR). The quality standards are a guide containing a set of criteria for the establishment of genetic reserves within existing protected areas and a set of management standards to optimise the efficacy of genetic reserves as a tool for the conservation of CWR.

The current version of these quality standards is available. We are interested in knowing you opinion. Please send us your comments and suggestions. We would appreciate it if you would also disseminate this email to members of the Crop Wild Relatives community and Protected Areas community in your country for additional feedback.

  1. That would be “An Integrated European In Situ Management Work Plan: Implementing Genetic Reserves and On Farm Concepts.” Coincidentally, we also heard yesterday about a series of NordGen conferences discussing in situ conservation under the title “Genetic Resources in Protected Areas.” []

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