Aggregating taxon data online

At first I just wanted to Nibble it. “Alien plants in urban nature reserves: from red-list species to future invaders?1 looks at the effect of invasive plant species on the flora of 48 protected areas in the city of Prague. I was going to ask how many crop wild relatives are to be found in those reserves and leave it at that. Oh, ok maybe also make a throwaway comment along the lines of: In other news, Prague has 48 nature reserves. But I think it may be worth additionally pointing out an interesting feature that comes from publishing in the free-access journal NeoBiota. If you click on any of the taxon names in the HTML version of the paper you get a so-called PENSOFT Taxon Profile. What that seems to do is aggregate in a really attractive way a whole bunch of content on the species in question from everything from GBIF to Wikipedia to Google Scholar. You can create your own taxon profile if a species you really want to know about isn’t named in the paper you’re looking at. Compare to how the Crop Wild Relatives Portal does it. Good and less good things in both, I suppose. I like the way PENSOFT actually gives you the GBIF map and the images, plus also gene sequence references. But the Portal includes SINGER, Eurisco and GRIN searches.2 And not a factsheet in sight.

  1. Jarošik V, Pyšek P, Kadlec T (2011) Alien plants in urban nature reserves: from red-list species to future invaders?. NeoBiota 10: 27-46. doi: 10.3897/neobiota.10.1262 []
  2. Genesys too one day, I would hope. []

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