Where is wasabi?

That Nibble yesterday about the BEGIN Japanology TV programme on roots and tubers led to some more digging around, as it were, and eventually I unearthed this gem on wasabi.

Which reminded me that one of my early posts on this blog was about Wasabia japonica. What’s strange about that old post1 is that six years on I can’t imagine writing something like that without including a link to a WIEWS report on how many genebank accessions there are of the crop around the world. And I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing. Anyway, two, as is happens, and not where you’d think. There. I feel better now.

  1. Apart from the dreadful habit I had at the time of trying to alliterate every damn title. []

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  1. Thanks, Dr. Luigi the important thing in this subject not the
    (Wasabia japonica.) but the people in Japan ,How can use the land to planted this plant in wide scope not like other country , I think God loved Japan and give his grace to their people

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