Plant Conservation and the SDGs

Dr Sarada Krishnan of the Denver Botanic Gardens kindly sent us this summary of the Global Partnership for Plant Conservation’s conference on Plant Conservation and the Sustainable Development Goals, mentioned yesterday on the blog. Many thanks, Sarada. If many readers want more details on one or two topics in particular, we can perhaps ask her for a follow-up.

The conference was attended by 140 delegates from 27 countries. Here is a summary of topics presented at the conference:

  • Botanic gardens can play a big role in conservation of crop wild relatives.
  • Plant conservation needs to have people at its center.
  • Simplify messages to reach various audiences.
  • Economic impact of invasives: the role botanic gardens can play (example of RBG Sydney with Wollemi pine and Phytophthora cinnamomi).
  • Importance of indigenous knowledge to plant conservation.
  • Update to the North American Botanic Gardens Strategy for Plant Conservation in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We need to promote more good news (rather than doom and gloom): spread our success stories #EarthOptimism.
  • Kew’s role in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) implementation and other conservation topics in various countries (Brazil, South Africa, China, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Canada, Ecuador, Azerbaijan).
  • Capacity building (example of the Sud Expert Plantes programme (SEP2D) by France).
  • Access and benefit sharing for seed banking by the Australian Seed Bank Partnership.
  • The US National Seed Strategy developed by 12 US federal agencies.
  • Role of horticulture in plant conservation and lack of capacity in horticultural skills.
  • Conservation genetics tools.

Very intense two days with great variety of topics!

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