Seed storage seminars

The second Plantum Seed Technology Webinar is online tomorrow, 11 February at 3-4 PM CET. Register here.

  1. Jeremy Pardo (Van Buren lab, Michigan State University)
    Co-option of seed dehydration pathways during drought and desiccation in grasses: Some grasses can survive typically lethal drought events through entering a dormant, desiccated state until the return of water. We aimed to find what distinguishes this unique desiccation tolerance response from conserved drought responses observed in all grasses. This study was done in collaboration with a.o. Henk Hilhorst (Wageningen University and Research).
  2. Jae-Sung Lee (International Rice Research Institute)
    Exploring anti-ageing properties in rice seeds: Specific seed metabolites such as anti-oxidants are known improve seed longevity. Based on metabolomic and genomic analyses, a few metabolites belonging to vitamin, flavonoid and amino acid groups were associated with seed longevity in rice. Using SNPs we identified the DNA-haplotypes regulating the accumulation of these metabolites. This study was done in collaboration with Fiona Hay (Aarhus University).

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