More light on Genesys

Attentive readers will know that I occasionally post references to Genesys, and sometimes even links to Genesys outputs, such as search results and maps. Some revision for inattentive readers: Genesys is a database that brings together passport data on accessions from multiple genebanks, and a web interface which allows you to explore the database in different ways.

Here I just wanted to point out three recent improvements:

  1. The huge amount of data from the USDA genebank system has been updated.
  2. The “how to use Genesys” blurb has been totally redone, hopefully for the better.
  3. A nifty little functionality which compares the passport data of accessions to identify possible duplicates has been added.

Any questions or suggestions, leave them below, and we’ll try to address them.

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