PestNet launches new website

PestNet is a network that helps people worldwide obtain rapid advice and information on crop protection, including the identification and management of plant pests. It started in 1999. Anyone with an interest in plant protection is welcome to join. PestNet is free and is moderated, ensuring that messages are confined to plant protection.

You can become a PestNet member at no cost either via the online app or the Android mobile app. Once joined you can post pest diagnostic requests, seek advice on any other plant protection matter, respond to requests from other members, and access new articles relevant to plant protection via the apps. You can access both the online version of PestNet as well as the Mobile (Android) version via the drop down menu under “Resources”.

And now it’s got a brand new website, with some really interesting additional resources. One of these is a long but fascinating read from Grahame Jackson, the driving force behind PestNet, describing his role in the fight against Taro Leaf Blight in the Pacific. If you’re interested in how crop genetic diversity can be used to combat pests and diseases, you’ll love Grahame’s story.

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