Cassava accessories in Oxford

by Luigi Guarino on March 2, 2013

The latest In Our Time sent me scurrying to the online database of Oxford’s Pitt Rivers Museum. Gotta love a museum whose collection you can search using the keyword “cassava accessory.” I also liked the historic photographs of the Luo, several of which include agricultural biodiversity.

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dianabuja March 3, 2013 at 2:20 pm

Now that’s interesting about cassava at the Pitt-Rivers, because just a few hours ago I received an email notifying of their just-released book “World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum: A characterization.” Exciting for folks like me out in the boondocks, because all of the sections of the book can be downloaded from scribd. Dan Hicks is the mastermind behind all of this. Will check to see if ‘cassava’ is noted in one of the scribd downloads…


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