Dope diversity denied?

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There’s one thing I want to know about what’s going to happen now that marijuana has been legalized in a couple of states in the US. And it’s not on CNN’s list.1 No, not where a visitor can actually smoke the stuff legally, as opposed to just buying it. Or how I can get a job in the industry. What I want to know is what will happen to diversity. There are some indications that legalization may lead to an increase in intellectual property protection over particular strains. I hope someone out there is gathering the baseline data, and saving the seeds, just in case. Not to mention learning lessons that could then be applied to, I dunno, opium in Afghanistan?

  1. Not to mention Uruguay. []

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  1. We just got a grant application for a hemp evaluation project with NRCS participation, in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. They are looking at strains from the seed bank at Southern Cross University in Queensland Australia.

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