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  1. Great stuff.
    I would suggest that you include a standard map with the same colours alongside the cartogram to help identify very distorted countries. Would be neat to have the maps linked too, hover the cursor over country A in one map and it get highlighted in both maps.

    I always meant to apply it to this type of data too,
    map regions coloured by similarity and then made into a cartogram

    ps. happy birthday?

  2. Oh yes, a self-organizing map of the SINGER data would be interesting. I suppose something like the Vavilovian Centres of Diversity would come out? I believe Robert has a poverty cartogram, but I’m not sure based on what data.

    P.S. Thanks!

  3. this seems to correlate with the countries of the CG centers….except the Phillipines. You could think that China would be larger. Turkey and Iran stand out.

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